The Amygdala Project is a collection of 4 x 2500 NFTs that live on the Ethereum blockchain.

The project is based on the science fiction feature film, Amygdala, written and directed by Gary Eck.


The Amygdala Project will be the world’s first sci-fi film to be produced through the sale of Amygdala NFTs, supported by a comprehensive production ROADMAP and dedicated team of talented artists from around the world.

Amygdala will secure additional finance through a 40% Australian government rebate plus pre-sales to world territories. We already have guaranteed theatrical release in Australia and New Zealand.

We want to build a committed and passionate community through our Discord who will partner with us on the film's journey and beyond.

Sales profit distribution
85% of all Amygdala NFT sales will go directly into the production of the film.
5% goes to community DAO.
5% to artists involved in each drop.
5% for Admin.
A BONUS 5% of net profits from the sale to a streaming service or from theatrical release will also go into the Amygdala Community DAO. NFT holders will have voting rights on the direction of the DAO.
What is the Amygdala?

The Amygdala is the core of a brain's neural system, designed for processing fearful and threatening stimuli. It attaches emotional significance to memories we are not meant to forget.

- DR. Horatio Murlock

The movie – synopsis

New World City, 2159

Humanity had reached the fourth decade of global economic crisis. Much of the world lay in ruins. Poverty spread. Crime surged. Prison systems could no longer cope. From the chaos rose a brilliant neuroscientist whose pioneering work found a solution to the world’s nightmare. By creating one.

Duration between each NFT drop is approximately 3 months.


Phase status: loading...

The Mind Pod NFT
The NFT Drop

Mystery reveal. The drop will include a genesis collection of 2500 3D animated Mind Pod NFTs.There will also be 10 x 1/1’s up for grabs plus super rare NFTs. Each pod has a unique POD number on the back which will be selected at random for weekly pod draws.

Production Status

Develop concept art and 3D models of Amygdala environments, costume design for key cast, 3D hero character designs and rough animatic using 2D storyboards.

Phase benefits

All genesis NFT holders can access the shooting script to read via Amygdala Discord. All genesis NFT holders will go into a weekly draw to win great prizes.

Phase status: bonus

Golden ticket NFT
The NFT Drop

A collection of 2500 Golden Ticket NFTs

Production Status

FILM COMPLETED! NFTs provide access to red carpet world premiere of Amygdala held in four locations around the world to be determined by community vote (although Sydney has to be one of them!)

Phase benefits

Golden Tickets will unlock a host of extra benefits such as meet the stars and after party.

Our team

Gary Eck

Writer and Director of Amygdala

Nick Stath

Production Designer/Concept Artist

Jesse Escalante

Cinematic artist and NFT creator

Sean O'Reilly

Amygdala film producer

Richard Pritchard

VFX Supervisor

James Martell

Sound Designer

Sports Moments

Amygdala Tech Partners

Lucas Walker

Community manager

Frequently Asked

Ideas coming to life

Concept art
by Nick Stath

View the concept art